2014 Dog & Pony Awards

December 19, 2014

Last night, JHE held its annual “Dog and Pony Awards” award show at the Fillmore Charlotte. A chance to recognize our exceptional team, employees and their families came together to reveal some of the best moments of the year. Read on to find out who took home the 2014 honors as voted on by the employees:

 The Unsung Hero Award recognizes a person that simply makes things happen every day without much fanfare.

2014 Winner: Michael Ann Gosby

Why? For the past 9 years, Michael Ann has filled the role of travel manager with a smile on her face. With a positive attitude, she coordinates all aspects of travel for JHE’s 81-person team that travels to 48 states a year with perfection.


The Bert Award, named after Jay’s dog, signifies a person that continually displays loyalty to the JHE company and people.

2014 Winner: Paul Nolasco
Why? Since 2008, Paul has demonstrated loyalty to JHE’s mission and its people, both internal and external. His dedication to making memorable moments happen made him the perfect reception for this award.

The Vision and Passion Award honors an individual that continually goes above and beyond to ensure our products and client service are excellent.

2014 Winner: Natalie Epperly
Why? Natalie has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to make the client’s wish happen. She goes above and beyond to help both clients and employees and has been a star employee since 2005.

The Best Save Award honors the action(s) that were implemented to rescue an event or activity from having a really bad day.

2014 Winner: Gary Dozier & Michael Streetman with FOX Sports 1
Why? As a company built on a “get it done no matter what” mentality, there are few times that ever evoke a true feeling of despair. Standing on pit road during the Daytona 500 trying to get rid of an incredible amount of “stuff” led to that feeling. With every JHE flat surface with wheels filled to (and beyond) capacity, the team was left with four sticks of truss and 18 8-foot crowd barriers to still get off the track. At just that moment, Gary Dozier and Michael Streetman appeared with the new J-Stage and, luckily, it was empty. Before they knew what hit them, they were towing a stage full from deck to ceiling off the track. In true JHE fashion, the show went on without a hitch. 

The Goose Bump Award isawarded to a JHE event moment that created “goose bumps” for the JHE team and the audience.

2014 Winner: NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Intros
Why? The only way to make NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race introductions more difficult was to add a live musical component. So that is exactly what they did. With no additional time allotment, JHE built off the 2013 stage concept and added a Jake Owen live concert to make the 2014 show one of the most talked about NASCAR moments of the year.


To see all the nominees, click here

Other memorable moments from the night included…

Recognizing JHE Loyalty: At JHE, people come first. Jay Howard was thrilled to recognize Ashley Dempsey and Ryan Williams for their 10 years of service to JHE with a black bus trophy and a personalized JHE guitar. Congratulations!

The Newest Family Members: Jay Howard welcomed the newest additions to the JHE family: Parker Furman Dempsey, son of Ashley & Sean; Harper James Gajewski, daughter of Jeff & Keri; Caroline Bennett Long, daughter of Drew & Katie; Roxie Jade McMahan, daughter of Larry & Erin; and Forest Wilkinson Rogers IV, son of Meredith & Tripp. Howard presented each proud parent with a $1,000 certificate of deposit for their child’s future education.

A Truck Rodeo: Terry Hodges took the stage to announce the winner of the annual truck rodeo, a challenging skills test for each JHE driver. Matt Vaz came in third place, Greg Smith took second place and William Navey was announced the winner. Congratulations to William who walked away with the cash pot.

To view more photos from the awards click here and photos of the employees and their families click here. Click through to view previous 2012 and 2013 "Dog & Pony Award" recipients. 


Congratulations to all the 2014 winners!


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