Aprill King "Races" to Help Others

July 17, 2012

Aprill King is a key member of the experiential activation team and has been an integral part of JHE’s 25 Days of Service celebration this year.

Learn more on why Aprill is passionate to help and what inspires her to do more …

Why have you been so involved with the 25 Days of Service initiative?

I have always liked volunteering and giving back to the community. Helping others is very important to me from personal experience.

I was injured while snow skiing once and could not walk without crutches for nine months.  I had to have help with all aspects of life, and had taken so many things for granted. This experience showed me how many people, from family to friends to strangers were willing to help.  So in return, I want to help those that need help.

That also is why I chose a triathlon event as my day of service.  During nine long months, I worked hard in physical therapy to be able to compete in a triathlon race again. Volunteers are very important to a race event. 


Tell us more about your passion for triathlons …

All I do is work and train for triathlons.  On June 9, I completed my 38th triathlon.  

I started running triathlons in 2004 when a girl at work had competed in one. After running track and cross country in junior high, high school and college, I knew I was hooked after crossing that finish line for the first time.  In 2005, I competed in two triathlon races.  Then in February 2006, I injured my knee while snow skiing.  The first orthopedist said I wouldn’t walk again so I found a new doctor quickly.  After intense physical therapy and surgery, I was back to triathlon racing in 2007, completing three races that year.  This year I am scheduled to race in 10 triathlons and have completed four half-ironman races.  The 2013 Ironman in Panama City Beach, Fla., will be my first full ironman race (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run), an ultimate life goal.

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