Five Things You Might Not Know: FOX Sports College Saturday Tour

December 10, 2013

The FOX Sports College Saturday Tour has traveled from the West Coast to the Appalachian Mountains for some of the top college football games this season. Here are five things you might not know about the ultimate fan experience...

1 – The Miles We Have Traveled
Before he end of 2013, the three JHE trucks dedicated to the FOX Sports 1 display will have traveled more than 16,000 miles in 14 consecutive weeks.

2 – The Chameleon
The mobile display was designed to be flexible as each college campus presents a new location challenge. For example at the University of California – Berkley, the display was built around a water fountain. At Texas Christian University, the display was placed near, but couldn’t block the view, of the stadium. As a result, the JHE in-house design team creates a new rendering each week for the footprint to accommodate the location.


3 – And This Week’s Game Is …
With live broadcasts, the FOX Sports 1 game of the week might not be decided until one or two weeks out, giving JHE a short time table to move to the next location.

4 – An Oversized Robot
The famous animated robot Cleatus makes an appearance each week at the FOX Sports College Saturday Tour. The 20-foot statue is a puzzle that the JHE team reassembles each weekend on-site.

5 – Strike a Pose
Fans show their team spirit with a fun photo opportunity that features two football player mannequins who the JHE team has affectionately nicknamed “Adam” and “Steve. Each week, Steve’s outfit changes to the home team’s colors while Adam sports FOX Sports 1 gear from week to week.


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