How to Travel in Style: Top-Five Travel Tips

September 24, 2013

Organizing travel for JHE’s employees who are constantly on the move is no easy task.

Managing travel for 80 employees to 30 states a year requires booking more than $200,000 in flight reservations and abundant hotel rooms. However, the company’s in-house travel coordinator, Michael Ann Gosby, has made traveling a science, one that she has mastered after eight years with the event experience company.

Before heading out on the next trip, check out Michael Ann’s top-five travel tips to make the experience as enjoyable as possible:

1)      Customer Rights: As the customer, you have all the “rights” on the day of travel. For example, if you have a confirmed reservation on an airline and are bumped from the flight, you are entitled to compensation but you have to ask. The answer to most flight questions is almost always “it depends.” Meaning, the airline representative is making the decisions on the spot.

2)      Travel Upgrades: Remember that the “rules” for airlines vary based on who is behind the counter. With that being said, the nicer you are, the more you can get the representative to do for you such as upgrades, earlier flights, etc. As I like to say, “when traveling, be nice… it comes with a price!”

3)      Code Sharing: Check to see if the airline you are flying with has partnerships with other airlines. Code sharing allows passengers to use a frequent flyer number on other airlines and still receive upgrades and points under your preferred carrier program.

4)      Checked Luggage: Never put anything of value in your checked luggage and always carry a change of undergarments and light clothing in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets “lost in transit” for a few days.

5)      Rental Cars: Always check the rental car before driving off the lot. It will only take a few extra seconds and it keeps you from being liable for a previous driver’s damage upon return.

Next time you book a trip, remember these tips to ensure a smooth experience that is as stress-free as possible.

– Michael Ann Gosby

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