Nine Brave Employees: Honoring JHE’s Veterans

March 20, 2013

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave,” said Elmer Davis, former reporter for The New York Times and director of the United States of Office of War Information, World War II.

JHE is proud to call nine of those brave men family: John Autrey, James Hageman, Rob Coffey, Gary Dozier, Ray Edick, Ronnie Oehler, Larry Pitts, Charlie Roberts and Greg Smith.

Each veteran’s military training has taught them something different along the way, providing a unique perspective to a variety of different roles within JHE. Five of JHE’s veterans share military lessons that translate to their current job:

Gary Dozier, Vice President of Mobile Marketing: United States Air Force E-5 Staff Sergeant

“The biggest thing my military training has taught me is that there is always a solution to any problem that will allow you to get a positive result in the end. In the military, the words ‘can’t, won’t, no and sorry’ just don’t cut it. No matter what the mission was, we had to find a way to complete it, regardless if we had the right tools, equipment or people do it. Working at JHE is a lot like that. We have to find solutions to meet the clients’ requests, no matter what hand of cards we are dealt.”

“There is always a solution to the problem; we just have to figure it out!”

Ray Edick, Senior Account Manager: Army Staff Sergeant

“I learned to never quit until the job is finished. The word ‘give up’ is never in my vocabulary! Also, interacting with many different types of people has definitely helped me to succeed in my current role at JHE.”

Rob Coffey, Project Manager: Army Sergeant

“I would say that my training has helped with working and concentrating under stressful conditions. That’s where most of your veterans shine. Over in Iraq, we had to be able to stay calm and think clearly in battle. It’s amazing how your training kicks in when bullets are whizzing past your head and things are blowing up around you. It’s not so dissimilar to how things work here at JHE. When it gets stressful, you just dig in, put your head down and get the job done.”

Charlie Roberts, SPEED Tour Manager: Marines Private First Class

“My training in the Marines taught me how to be a leader, to be confident in my abilities, to stand behind my decisions, and to always be willing and ready to overcome and adapt to any situation that you face. In my current role, I am always in the adapt mode in the back of my mind. I try to have a back-up plan for different situations that I think may come up which allows me to be confident in my decisions to make sure our team is doing the best we can for SPEED and our JHE team.”

John Autrey, Transportation Coordinator: Army Specialist

“Training in the Army helped me to learn the true meaning of teamwork. You learn that everyone in your platoon has your back, much like the family here at JHE. You are never alone; there’s always a helping hand!”

JHE would like to thank each of our veterans as well as all the other brave men and women out there who have fought and are still fighting for our country today. 

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