Two Marshall Grads Join JHE

July 14, 2014

JHE has a long-standing relationship with Marshall University where two executives, Ryan Baxter and Matt Davis, both graduated.

Most recently, Jimmy Wenz and Andrew Wiede joined the JHE family after graduating from the sports administration master’s program at Marshall University. The two new employees lived together at Marshall and learned about JHE through the event operations department. After both landing a job at JHE, the two friends moved in together in Charlotte. They share their thoughts on the new job below:

Tell us about your new job and responsibilities at JHE.

JW: Currently, I am managing the warehouse, signage and items needed for each upcoming opening ceremony. On the weekends, I help to set up and prep the stage at-track for each pre-race show.

AW: I help JHE prepare each stage for the NASCAR or IndyCar event taking place that weekend. Right now, I’m observing and absorbing as much as I can about the company as a whole and all its moving parts. I’m focused on learning the terminology of the stages, semis, etc. as I’ve never been around this side of the business before. It’s been challenging, but I am really enjoying it.

What was your first impression of JHE?

JW: At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the moving parts of the business. After a few months here, I am starting to get a hang of it and really understand the purpose of each moving part.

AW: JHE is highly respected nationwide for a variety of events. It’s impressive to see a service company so dedicated to delivering the best product they can. I’m excited to work with a company that takes such pride in what they do.

What has most impressed you about JHE?

JW: The mechanics of the stage are incredibly impressive. But also, how quickly the team is able to make each pre-race show happen, getting the stage on and off the track in a short period of time. Despite being such a large company, everyone is very accessible and it’s definitely a family atmosphere which I love.

AW: The fact that IndyCar rehired JHE is impressive. It shows they deliver a high quality product and are a company people want to work alongside.

How did Marshall University prepare you for this job?

JW: Working in event operations, you were under constant time constraints yet things had to be perfect. JHE’s minute by minute is very similar as everything has to be perfect timing for TV.

AW: Game day for division one football is very similar to race day at JHE. Football days at Marshall were very hectic with us running around yet prepared and professional. On race day, JHE falls into line and makes the unexpected happen.

What are you looking forward to about your future at JHE?

JW: I can’t wait to be able to take more initiative and add on ideas now that I’ve gotten the hang of the job.

AW: I am excited to see where this job takes me and the experience I will gain. It’s motivating to know you have such a huge opportunity to grow within a unique company.

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